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Satellites Throwies

During winter break I watched “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” which is an entire film of what the title implies. With the project “Gulfimination” I wanted to revisit my interest in satellites and make satellite throwies. It turns out that hours went by and I became submerged in making the tiny mock satellites. The materials I used are very basic and easy to find. There is no question this is by far one of the most simple and entertaining projects out there. I want to get all of my friends on this.

Materials Used: Foam core, bristol board, 2032 coin cell batteries, LED, duck tape, SUPER magnets

Tools: pens, markers, x-actos.


Let the wheels of time bring forth what they may

for this is how I intended to stay

and if alone is the only way

at least I know I sought and called your silent name

but you behind the mist of fate has chosen to

lie in the wings of wait.

the wings of wait does you no good

for time it slips through misunderstood

and when you finally come around

there’s no use in making sounds

for all that’s left is what is left

when you lie in the wings of wait.


On the 2nd of November, the altars are dismantled, then (almost) everything is brought to the cemetery.(Most of the offerings will be redistributed in the community). Honey is bought on the way, as an ultimate offering. The firecrackers signal the beginning of the mass, but also points to the sky…(Dia de Muertos, Michoacan, Mexico)

To become oneself, however, is to become something concrete. The development must accordingly consist in infinitely coming away from oneself, in an infinitizing of the self, and in infinitely coming back to oneself in the finitization. If, on the other hand, the self does not become itself, then it is in despair, whether it knows it or not. Yet, a self, every moment it exists, is in a process of becoming.

— Soren Kierkegaard, The Sickness unto Death (via lecollecteur)

(Source: electrichoney)